Boxing is a full body workout and burns over 500 calories/hour, builds lean muscle, develops stamina and endurance, and triggers the metabolism.


As we age, we lose muscle mass, strength, flexibility, and balance. Boxing reverses all this, giving us back what we lose, developing hand-eye coordination and entire body strength. For women over forty, boxing is one of the most complete cardiovascular and resistance workouts...and it is fun.

Boxing forces women out of our comfort zone, overcoming fears, and requiring 100 percent mental concentration.

It is demanding and strategic, stimulating new parts of our brain, challenging our minds and bodies. The research on successful aging urges us to learn something new, strategic, and to keep testing ourselves with new sequences and moves.

With boxing, you will become physically stronger, toned and more agile. It will push you, challenge you, and bring out the inner fighter.


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Feel empowered, confident and truly awesome again through exercise and self awareness.

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